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From: Hussein Shafie <hussein@pixware.fr>
Date: lun fév 07 2005 - 15:01:28 CET

XMLmind XML Editor V2.9 can be downloaded from

V2.9 (February 7, 2005)

XMLmind XML Editor now supports RELAX NG
schemas. For more information, please read
XMLmind XML Editor - Support of RELAX NG

The impatient reader can directly play with new
demo: XXE_install_dir/demo/bugreport_rng.xml. This
demo is simply the RELAX NG version of
XXE_install_dir/demo/bugreport.xml (which conforms
to a W3C XML Schema). It is also interesting to open
in XXE, XXE_install_dir/demo/bugreport/bugreport.rng,
the RELAX NG grammar associated with bugreport_rng.xml.

   Note that XMLmind XML Editor Standard Edition
   has been restricted in its support of RELAX NG.
   These restrictions are identical to those
   related to W3C XML Schemas. XMLmind XML
   Editor Standard Edition cannot be used to
   create or edit a document conforming to a RELAX
   NG schema, unless:
   * the root element of the document has no
   * or the root element of the document has a
     namespace and this namespace is
        + http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema,
        + or http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml,
        + or http://relaxng.org/ns/structure/1.0,
        + or starts with

Other enhancements: (see technical details below)

   * It was now possible to click in the gray
     margin found at the left and at the right of
     the document view in order to directly select
     the block (paragraph, row, row group, table)
     which is ``in front of the mouse click''.
     This feature is not enabled by default. You
     need to use Options|Options, Window tab and
     check "Add interactive margins to styled
     views" to enable it.

     This feature, added in XXE V2.7 Patch 1, was
     removed in V2.8 Patch 1, to be finally
     restored in V2.9 because some users missed it.

   * Updated Czech localization thanks to Martin
     Kolarík (kolarik AT mii DOT cz).

   * Updated German localization thanks to Patrick
     Koetter (p AT state-of-mind DOT de).

Technical details about the enhancements (for
local gurus):

   * The new preserveSpace configuration element
     allows to specify which elements are

     For example, this configuration element is
     used in the DocBook, Simplified DocBook and
     Slides configuration files to specify that
     elements such as programlisting, screen, etc,
     are whitespace-preserving.

   * The new relaxng configuration element allows
     to specify which RELAX NG schema is associated
     with an instance.

   * The schemaType child of the detect
     configuration element has a supplemental
     relaxng value (other values are dtd and
     schema) which can be used to detect instances
     having a <?xxe-relaxng-schema location="..."?>
     (proprietary) processing instruction.

   * New command copyToClipboard can be used to
     copy a string to the system clipboard or to
     the system selection (X-Window only).

   * It is now possible to specify to command
     insertNode the target of the processing
     instruction to be created. Previously, a
     processing instruction created by insertNode
     always had placeholder string "target" as its

   * All configuration elements referencing an URL
     are now XML Catalog-aware. Example:

<relaxng name="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"

     Previously, only configuration elements
     include and load were XML Catalog-aware

Bug fixes:

   * When pasting some text in XXE, carriage
     return/line feed characters ("\r\n" and "\r")
     are now ``normalized to a single line feed
     character ("\n"). Previously, this was not the
     case and that was really annoying on the Mac.

   * CSS counter "counter(n,lower-alpha)" did not
     work as expected: the item after "z" was
     numbered "a0" and not "aa".

   * When opening a document in XXE, whitespace was
     not stripped from elements having an
     element-only content type and having attribute
     xml:space with value "preserve" (default value
     or explicitly specified value or value
     inherited from parent).

   * Namespace prefixes automatically generated by
     XXE were sometimes inconsistent: "ns", "ns2",
     "ns2", etc, instead of "ns", "ns2", "ns3",

   * When opening a erroneous W3C XML Schema in
     order to edit it, in some rare cases, XXE
     froze during the validation step.

   * W3C XML Schema only: error: element
     declaration "bar" inconsistent
     [cos-element-consistent] was reported for the
     valid example below:

<xs:element name="foo">
    <xs:element name="bar" type="xs:token"/>
    <xs:element name="bar" type="xs:token" nillable="true"/>

     An error is still reported for the above valid
     schema, but the error is now an implementation
     error: implementation limit: element
     declaration "bar" differs from previous
     element declarations "bar" [x-cos-element-consistent].

   * W3C XML Schema only: the implementation of
     wildcards was out of date.

     For example, ##other meant (to make it simple)
     "any namespace, including absent, different
     from targetNamespace".

     In fact, ##other means "a namespace must be
     specified and this namespace must be different
     from targetNamespace".

Possible incompatibilities:

   * Previously, by default, loading another CSS
     style sheet using the Style menu caused XXE to
     create another document view using the
     selected style sheet.

     Now, doing this cause XXE to change the CSS
     style sheet of the current document view to
     the one which has been selected.
     This behavior can be parametrized by using
     Options|Options, Window tab, "Change the style
     sheet rather than add a view" check box.

   * Thanks to the new preserveSpace configuration
     element, the DocBook, Simplified DocBook and
     Slides DTDs bundled with XXE no longer need to
     be modified by XMLmind.

     Previously, these DTDs were modified in order
     to add attribute xml:space with default value
     "preserve" to elements such as programlisting,
     screen, etc.

   * The way XMLmind XML Editor Standard Edition is
     restricted in its support of W3C XML Schemas
     has changed. Previously, the targetNamepaces
     of the schemas were checked. Now, it is only
     the namespace of the root element which is


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