ANN: XForms 1.0 PR version of formsPlayer for IE6, now available

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Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 18:45:48 CEST

Dear Eric van der Vlist,

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A version of formsPlayer that fully conforms to the latest XForms
specification is available from the formsPlayer site:

On August 1st, the W3C's XForms standard advanced to Proposed
Recommendation stage, after meeting its criteria that there were
two full implementations of XForms processors. x-port are proud to
have provided formsPlayer as one of the full implementations (the
other being X-Smiles) and so playing its part in helping the standard
move forward.

formsPlayer could not have been developed without the feedback of our
users. Nearly 8000 people have download formsPlayer in the last 10 months,
and many have provided useful feedback for both bug fixes and enhancements.
Much of our feedback comes via our Yahoo! group, where over 200 developers
exchange tips as well as posting information back to our developers.
Without the thousands of hours of testing generously donated by the growing
XForms community, formsPlayer would not be what it is today ... so

The XForms standard can be found at:

The implementation report is at:

The formsPlayer group is at:



Mark Birbeck
Managing Director Ltd.
4 Pear Tree Court

T: +44 20 7689 9232

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