[xmlhack] ANN: mtxslt, a multi-XSLT-engine task for Ant

From: Anthony B. Coates (abcoates@TheOffice.net)
Date: Sun Oct 27 2002 - 15:45:06 CET

I often use Apache Ant (a Java equivalent to "make") to control build processes
involving XSLT transformations. However, with the standard Ant "xslt" task, it
is not simple to call multiple XSLT engines during the same build (which is
convenient for portability testing). So, I have produced a modified version of
the "xslt" task, called "mtxslt" (multi-XSLT), which extends the standard task
so that multiple Java XSLT engines can be used during a single build. A
description and instructions are available at


All feedback would be very welcome.

Anthony B. Coates, Information & Software Architect
MDDL Editor (Market Data Definition Language)

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